I was recently preparing an interview for the latest Epic Careering newsletter and a common thread stuck out to me. The people who obtained the careers they loved were the ones who pursued what they really wanted from a job. For example, many of the interviewees had well-paying jobs that enabled them to live the lifestyle they wanted. For many of them, this wasn’t enough and they felt the longing to follow their hearts. This meant leaving well-paying jobs and going through some setbacks with the ultimate goal of obtaining a career that made them whole. For one guest, he had his heart set on music from a young age and never thought of pursuing anything else. For many, it was the hero’s call to adventure which could not be ignored.


Another common thread that grabbed me was following what makes you happy because tomorrow is not guaranteed. This is a powerful message that Karen writes about on a regular basis and it is absolutely true. Seeing it reinforced in the latest interview brought it home for me. In short, persuading job seekers on why obtaining a fulfilling career is one thing; it is another to hear directly from those who have obtained those careers. Yes, you can take a job that pays well, but it may be pointless in the end if you are unhappy your career.

Are you in a place that fulfills you professionally? If not, perhaps it is time to consider chasing that happiness.