Lately, I’ve been in somewhat of a slump. Not mentally, but physically. I made an adjustment to my work schedule, which means I pick up more hours on some days, but I’m left feeling tired a day or two after. Interestingly enough, the feeling of exhaustion doesn’t actually hit me until the evening while I’m working those extra hours. That is when I’m trying to move packages quickly, but I can’t seem to muster up the extra strength. When I come home from work, I sit down on the couch after taking off my work boots, close my eyes and before I know it, it is 2AM. I most likely need some time to adjust to my new schedule– I haven’t picked up any extra hours since January.

The worst part about being in a physical slump is how it can bleed into other areas of my life. I’m either waking up later in the day or I’m too tired to really concentrate on tasks. When I’m tired for a good chunk of the day, it is difficult to work and even to enjoy free time. The urge to sleep can be overpowering, even to the point where I don’t enjoy my hobbies. I’ve been trying to think of some unique ways to combat my fatigue, especially since the weather is warming up and it is my favorite time of the year to be active and accomplish goals.

1. Get more sleep. Sleep is something I’ve struggled with in the past. When practicing the best sleeping habits, everything just clicks and waking up before 8AM is usually not a problem. I’m usually tempted to unwind before bed, but unlike most people I have the habit of falling asleep where I sit. At best I’ll wake up on the couch in an upright position, at worst I’ll find I’ve dozed off at my computer desk.

2. A better balanced diet. The biggest problem with leaving home is making sure to eat right, especially on the weekends. I’m definitely sure my diet could use more leafy green vegetables and fish.

3. Just get it done. Sleep and better diet are great things that avoid fatigue, but sometimes I am my own worst enemy. Plans are set into motion, but the motivation to accomplish them isn’t always there. It is during these times I’m reminded of Mel Robbins and her “Activation Energy” speech. These are the times to stop worrying about a task and to, well, just do it. (I’ve had some successes with just doing it, such as making time to exercise nearly every morning.)


Have you ever had difficulty adjusting to a new schedule or just getting out a general slump? If so, how did you get back on track?

Sloth by Claphoteau of Flickr

Sloth by Claphoteau of Flickr