I thought this week would be pretty simple. Do my daily tasks for Epic Careering, proofread this month’s Epic Career Tale (which is awesome, by the way), work until 3AM at my night job. Maybe even post a short article for Damage Control. Simple indeed. Life, however, had other plans.

I felt a sense of foreboding when a Terminix car pulled up outside while I was on the treadmill. The Terminix guy knocked on my door, but he had the wrong house. He was actually looking for my tenant upstairs. I sent him on his way and then sighed as I wondered why she didn’t call me first. Not long after he’d gone upstairs I got a call from my tenant. I heard the words that no one, especially a landlord, wants to hear—bed bugs.

Her bed was infested with them and she wanted to know if pest control was covered by me on the lease. It wasn’t, nor was it required to be by Pennsylvania law. The gentleman from Terminix wanted $1500 to treat upstairs, but also wanted to treat downstairs, even though I didn’t have bedbugs—he checked for me. However, the cost for both units would run about $2300. Not an easy amount to cough up. To be honest, I didn’t have it, nor did the tenant upstairs have $1500 for her unit. Taking my mother’s advice to never make a huge expensive property management decision without her input, I gave her a call. She chased away Terminix and decided we would go the DIY route. I asked the tenant if she was okay with this, she agreed, and we went to work buying bed bug fighting supplies to treat the problem.

I had to make the tough call of dropping the bulk of my work for Epic Careering for the day and was late to my night job. However, when life hands you setbacks, there’s no point in wallowing in misery for an extended period of time. After all, being a landlord comes with its own responsibilities and sometimes things must be pushed aside. So today was spent trying to get on track to make for yesterday’s lost time. (Including this semi-late post.) On the upside, today felt quite productive and tomorrow will be productive as well. I’m just glad I don’t have another 3AM shift to deal with at the night job.

As for the bed bug problem upstairs, there are still weeks of treatment to go, and every time I’m done treating upstairs, my clothes have to go immediately into plastic bags to avoid bringing a potential hitchhiker home. Here’s to a successful treatment. Ah, being a landlord.

Have you ever dealt an issue where you had to drop everything in the middle of work?

Bug by G of Flickr

Not an actual bed bug. Those would be a little too gross to post.