Hello, dear readers. I am back from a long holiday weekend! My company gave us July 5th off as well–it was pretty great :).

Yesterday, I was relaxing and reviewing my (short) week ahead when I thought that I’d get a head start on one of my freelance projects. I was watching reruns of The Office on Netflix while flicking through the novel I’m currently reading, telling myself that in “5 minutes” or “10 minutes” I’d get up, get my laptop, and get to work. Well, those 5 or 10 minutes turned into an hour and I eventually had an honest chat with myself: “Are you really going to work today? Are you going to get anything meaningful done? Does anything absolutely need to be finished today?” After answering those questions honestly (no, no, and no), I decided to not think about work until today.

Boy, did that open up the rest of my day! I felt like a rock had been lifted from my back and I was able to feel better about relaxing. Later in the day, I organized my bedroom, cooked myself a nice dinner, and took a long walk. I didn’t feel guilty about being “lazy” all day and I woke up this morning truly feeling ready to start my day.

I gave myself permission to relax on my vacation–how nice of me! But seriously, how many of us agonize over work-related thoughts, especially the day before going back to work? And it feels terrible! I promised myself I wouldn’t make myself feel guilty or stressed before going back to work because that would just spoil my “Monday”.

I’m halfway through my day today and I haven’t once regretted my lazy day yesterday. I treated myself–don’t be afraid to treat yourself, too :). And happy 4th of July, all!