This week did not start off well. I woke up on Monday with a bad headache (a mixture of lack of sleep and sinus pressure, I think) that has lasted until today. I feel as though I haven’t slept at all, when in fact I’ve gotten about 7-8 hours on both Sunday and Monday nights. It’s frustrating when I have a lot of work to do and I would really rather be home in bed trying to sleep off whatever this is. So, what is it?

From experience, I can probably tell you that yes, it is a bit of sinus pressure, but it probably is also a lack of exercise and a rise in my stress levels. Sure, I slept long enough the last two nights, but did I sleep well? The answer to that is probably no. For the past week or so, I’ve been neglecting a few things: I haven’t been exercising regularly (my excuse is that it’s way too hot, but really I think I’m just being lazy), eating well, or taking enough time to mentally relax when I need it. One thing that I’ve been meaning to do that I haven’t done at all is try meditating. Karen gave me a few great pointers a couple months ago in her comment to one of my posts, and like a jerk I said I’d give them a try and haven’t yet. The crux of this is that I have to make time to do these things–I have to physically set aside time in the morning or evening to empty my mind.

This seems daunting, especially when I’ve been so wound up lately because of other things. I wouldn’t say I’m overly busy, exactly, my mind has just been working overtime trying to process things. And I haven’t been helping the situation at all–I’ve been a passive observer rather than an active participant in my own life.

So, starting today, that’s enough. Enough inaction. I’m going to take a walk this afternoon and then maybe one more in the evening when it’s a bit cooler. I’m going to begin meditating this evening. I’m also going to eat better than I have been. I want to correct this passive behavior now before it gets out of hand!

Have any of you stepped back and realized that you need to be more active in your lives? What did you do to ensure that?