I was interviewed by Karen for July’s Epic Career Tales. We had the pleasure of talking about juggling multiple freelance jobs, part-time jobs, journalism, and the Great Recession.

Time certainly is passing by quickly this year. Summer is mostly over and it’s time for another vacation. This will be my third vacation from UPS for the year, and like the first one I took in March, the latter half of it involves going to another convention and doing write-ups for Damage Control. I believe this vacation week is better under control than back in March. I spread my time out by making sure my errands and tasks aren’t crammed into the final day before I hit the road. I’m also thankful this convention is in Baltimore instead of Boston. Two hours on the road are definitely preferable to six or seven.

Speaking of vacations and UPS, the end of this week will mark my 15th year with the company (I will also gain a fourth week of vacation time). When I originally took the job in August 2001, I didn’t see myself still being an employee a decade and a half later. I originally took the job for the tuition reimbursement program and weekly pay. Since that day, I’ve gone on to complete my college degree and have experienced a variety of jobs.

It is often said that Millennials do not stay with a job for more than two or three years. At more than a decade, I certainly feel like the odd woman out. Lifelong or even long-term employment is a rarity in many workplaces. Again, I feel as if I’m the odd one out by still being at UPS. However, the job is part-time and leaves me with a lot of time to pursue other interests during the day including other part-time jobs. I’m not sure where my professional life will take me in the next 15 years, but I’m sure there are many more adventures ahead.

What is the longest amount of time you’ve held a single job?

Linear World in red white and blue by Henk Sijgers of Flickr

“Linear World in red, white, and blue” by Henk Sijgers of Flickr. Also one possible view from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor