I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day. Ironically, working on the holiday was an option that opened up for UPS employees. While many people took the bait because of the promise of triple-time pay, I opted to relax at home. We don’t receive many paid holidays so I’ve made it a point to not work them.

With the passing of Labor Day, September is now in full swing. This month has always marked the start of a transition period. In terms of weather, there is an occasional crispness to the air that provides relief from the humidity of August. It’s always a pleasant feeling before the cold weather arrives. When I was in school, September marked the start of a new school year, with new things to learn, and new things to gripe about. As an adult, it often marks the period of calm before the madness of the holiday season.

As of last year, September was also the time when I first moved away from home. It has been nearly a year now since leaving and I can honestly say I do not miss living at home. There’s something nice about the freedom to set my own schedule, only needing to clean up my own messes, and not having argue with others about the spaces I use and when I want to use them. To saying moving out has been a breath of fresh air would be an understatement.

September is also a time of year when I buy new technology. In recent years those technology upgrades have consisted of new smartphones. The last time I did a major phone upgrade was three years ago. I’m overdue for an upgrade. I’m looking forward to a phone with more storage space, more RAM, 4G LTE, and more synergy between it and my PC through apps.

Does September and the period after Labor Day have any significance to your own life?


Fall Trees by Stanley Zimny of Flickr