On Sunday evening, as I was preparing myself for work on Monday, I thought I’d take it once step further. I opened my phone calendar and checked to see what I had to do this week (outside of work). I switched a few things around (I had two tasks to complete on Monday for my freelance job and I knew they could wait), thereby brightening my outlook for the week considerably.

I did the same thing when I arrived at work Monday morning–I opened my Outlook calendar and my to-do list (I keep a running list for every day that changes often, with longer-term projects included at the bottom) and assessed my work week ahead. I was able to swap a few tasks on different days that would make my life easier, and then my productivity was set to grow steadily for the rest of the day.

It was such a positive choice to set my week up Sunday evening and Monday morning. Usually on Sunday nights, I get myself ready by packing my lunch, making sure my bag has everything I need, and laying out my clothes for the next day, but I don’t think about my week ahead. I’m tired and I don’t want the weekend to end, but it’s not fair for me to indulge those feelings for too long. By mentally and physically preparing myself for my work- and outside of work-week, I lowered my stress level and was able to fall asleep more quickly and wake up more refreshed on Monday morning. Looking back, I also got a lot done yesterday that I may not have if it wasn’t for my impromptu idea to plan ahead.

I’m patting myself on the back a bit in this post, but I’m glad it worked out for me so far. What about you, dear readers? Do you plan for the week ahead on Sunday night?