It’s only Wednesday and I already feel burnt out. I have been swamped since I came back yesterday morning after taking off Friday afternoon and Monday, and I still feel like I’m running in place in terms of my emails and work. I just took a bit of a break to half-meditate and remove myself from my task list for a minute; I repeated this phrase over and over again to myself: “You’re doing the best you can and everything will get done.” I did this until I felt myself physically calm down–my back and shoulders loosened considerably and I slowed down my breathing. Ah, peace.

I don’t like feeling as though I’m “just” keeping up with the daily grind instead of forging ahead. That’s just my nature and I’m working on changing those feelings of not being “good enough” to feelings of accomplishment. Normally, during a week where I can expect my typical workload, getting ahead would be expected; however, during a week like this one, where I have my normal workload plus a supplemental issue and various other problems coming to the forefront, it’s okay to just get done what I can. That in itself is an accomplishment! Pushing myself mentally and physically into a stressed-out state isn’t going to help anyone, and it certainly won’t get my work done faster or more accurately.

I like where I am mentally today–I can appreciate the work that I’ve done and will continue to do, and once it’s all over, I will REST! My midday check-in with myself has truly helped and I can already feel myself revving up for the rest of the afternoon. I highly suggest a self-pep talk if you’re feeling behind or down on yourself!