Back in August, I wrote about gaining another week of vacation as I made 15 years at my night job. Now, as the holiday season is rapidly approaching, I realized I had the opportunity to take a fall vacation. I asked my manager for the last possible week before the holiday season and vacation blackouts occur. This marks one of the few times I’ve just taken a random vacation without having a destination in mind, but the rest has done wonders. I’m on my way to completely recovering from a cold and catching up with sleep. I know in coming weeks there won’t be too many opportunities to rest until the middle of January, since shipping tends to become insane during the holidays.

Amusingly, one co-worker overheard me reminding a supervisor of my vacation and asked me if I was going to work through my time off. I said, “Being here defeats the purpose of going on vacation.” In the past, I used to work the beginning of the week and take time off toward the end. The idea was to have a paycheck for the week I got back from my vacation. More than anything, working through my vacations were quite stressful, especially if I was going out of town for an extended weekend. I eventually found out it was easier to hold on to my paycheck for the week I needed it. Slowly, the need to work through part of my vacation vanished.

As I’ve gotten older, I found myself not regretting taking time off. In fact, I wish MORE people would take advantage of their vacations; it does wonders for the mind and body. (Sure, that first week coming back is rough, but ultimately, your body appreciates the rest.) It may sound cliché, but no one ever wishes they had spent more time working.


Do you take vacations on a regular basis, or do you work through them?


Fall Foliage by Martin Ibert of Flickr