With the holidays rolling around, there is also another event that comes around this time each year: self-evaluations at work (at least at my work). I always get nervous before having to complete these–it’s so hard to think about my performance and whether I met expectations or exceeded them; or if I bombed and didn’t meet those expectations at all. I’m finishing my self-evaluation up tomorrow and I’m feeling better about it (as usual). Once I let go of all my insecurities and that inevitable small, inner voice that sows seeds of doubt, I realize that I am doing pretty well. I am hard, conscientious worker that cares about what I put out into the world.

Luckily, my manager gives all of us in his group a lot of time to fill out our self-evaluations so I really try to take advantage of that. I answer one to two questions a day so I don’t feel overwhelmed during the last week because I kept pushing it off until the last minute. This enables me to sit back, relax, and really take in the questions: have I truly participated in everything I could have this year? Am I working towards my own self-improvement by taking advantage of what my company offers? How am I performing in my day-to-day activities? Is my correspondence as professional and helpful as it could be? As painful as it may seem to direct these questions to myself, I find them extremely helpful. I am able to really see who I am in my workplace and, by extension, how my colleagues and managers view me.

I am very lucky to work in a company that promotes self-improvement for my career–whether that is with this company or another. This company just wants to make sure it nurtures a sense of pride and responsibility in their employees that carries over into their daily tasks and, therefore, into their career as a whole. The other positive aspect of these evaluations is, once I have finished filling mine out, it’s time go home and enjoy Thanksgiving :).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and friends!