Recently, I was describing to a co-worker how eventful my life has been in recent days. Her reply to me was, “If you didn’t have bad luck, you’d have no luck. At least you have a positive outlook.” In short, I was hit by a series of financial blows, but I was taking it all in stride.

First, I recently bought a washer/dryer unit. Upon having it installed, I discovered my utility room’s drain pipe was clogged. While having a handyman look at the pipe, we went out back to the main line and discovered my house had been partially damaged in a recent wind storm. My home’s siding was blown off and strewn around the alley. My downspout pipe had become disconnected from the gutter and had gotten tangled in a satellite dish wire. We set the appointment to fix everything on a Monday morning.

The Sunday before the appointment, the Sunday that just passed, my car wouldn’t start. I had been driving it for most of the day, but it decided to give out at a gas station. I ultimately had it towed to an automotive shop and left it for the next day.

Before this, my mother’s oven circuit board had blown on the day before Thanksgiving because the electrician we hired to fix a problem made it worse by improperly wiring the circuit breaker panel.

In spite of the problems, I found myself in a thankful mood because I looked at the situations with a glass half full approach.

  • The drain pipe in my utility room was fixed by running a snake. At one point I feared the pipe would have to be widened or I would have to install a utility sink. These scenarios didn’t happen.
  • Thanks to the incident, I was prompted check out the back of the house where I discovered the damage. The downspout was fixed before a series of heavy rainstorms moved into the area. Better yet, the spout itself was caught on wires and didn’t fall and break.
  • I had been having car troubles about a month ago, but the mechanics couldn’t reproduce the problem. Thanks to the car not starting, they were able to pinpoint and fix the issue. Also, the incident happened on a Sunday, so I didn’t miss any time from work.
  • Thanks to my mom’s oven circuit board going, we had Thanksgiving at my house. It was the first time I’ve ever hosted Thanksgiving at my own home.
  • I’m also happy I had the savings to pay for many of the issues I had, except for the car. (I had to use my credit card, but I fully intend to take advantage of my holiday bonus points.)
  • I’m also thankful that I’m able to work overtime at work, to rebuild some of my depleted funds.


Have you ever had a series of problems that you were able to take in stride, and see the positive instead of the negative?


Horseshoe by Meredith Rendall of Flickr. A hung horseshoe is a sign of good luck.