This is my first year consistently working overtime during the overnight hours. In past years, I’ve gone into work in the morning (around 10AM) and generally stayed until 10PM. However, I wasn’t satisfied with how little time I spent working on Epic Careering. Everything had to be done quickly and I wasn’t able to double check my work. Also, if I was needed to do something ASAP, I simply wasn’t available. This year’s compromise with overnight hours has worked out generally well. I have some time during the day to work and to rest.

This has been important because the winter season is a time of year when cold and flu strains are spread quite easily. On Sunday I felt myself falling ill, but I was able to spend the day and a little bit of Monday before work resting. By Monday evening I felt much better. Had I stuck to the schedule of past years, I’m sure I’d be fairly sick right now.

The only downside has been the constant upending of my sleeping schedule. I’m not really a night person so the hours do tend to take their toll on me. Also, I’ve found myself with less time to go shopping, making my goal of getting Christmas shopping done early almost impossible to meet. It’s probably going to be another last minute rush this year. Despite the setbacks, the benefits of working into the early morning have been worth the effort.


How are holiday hours affecting you? Do you find yourself with more to do or with more time to enjoy the season?


Snowflake Macro by Alexey Kljatov of Flickr