Recently, I was writing about the year in review as part of a group effort for Damage Control. I remarked in one of my articles that there wasn’t much positivity to be found in 2016. Currently, I don’t have high expectations for 2017. However, following mainstream news and events can skew one’s perspective about a year in general. Personally and professionally, 2016 has been quite a mixed bag, leaning mostly toward the positive.

I’ve had the opportunity to pick up more hours at my night job. As a result, I’ve been able to weather a lot of financial difficulties that came my way, without depending too heavily on credit. For my work with Epic Career Tales, I’ve landed guests I had initially given up on, I’ve been a guest, and now I’ve had the chance to sit in the interviewer’s chair.

When Karen put out the offer to do the interviewing, I initially said “no.” Part of it was out of sheer terror, the other part was because I felt I wasn’t adequate. Like always, she disagreed and I thought about the idea while at my night job. (I’ve found that physical labor can be a great time to reflect on my thoughts.) So I decided to once again get out of my comfort zone and try something new. I put the idea to my friend as well, and I discovered that she liked the idea of being interviewed by a friend. So I told Karen of my reconsideration and with a few words of encouragement from her, I prepped for the interview.

What’s surprising to me is the amount of work that goes on with the interviewer notes. I worked on my notes and the questions I would ask up until the last minute, despite starting my work on them hours in advance. The interview itself went well, in my opinion anyway, and it turned into a fun conversation. It wasn’t perfect, but I’m not nearly as seasoned as Karen. You can check out the Epic Career Tale right here.


2016 will definitely go down as the year I tried new things and found some success. How about your 2016?


Winter Wonderland by Chintermeyer of Flickr