Happy new year, dear readers!

Usually, I hate this time of year. The holidays are over, the decorations are down (I put mine away yesterday), and it’s back to work as usual. The time from Thanksgiving until New Year’s is my favorite of the year, so once it’s over I feel a bit like a deflated balloon. I’m not letting that feeling get to me this year, though! I have a few tools in my arsenal to get through it:

  • I love to read, as you all may know already, and I always have a book with me wherever I go. Last night, I finished a book I had been reading and decided that, instead of picking up a new one, I would reread one of my very favorite novels. I don’t reread novels a lot, but there is one in particular that I go back to almost once a year. I decided that now is the time–I reread this particular novel because I love the language, the story, and the ending. I’ve always loved it ever since I first read it maybe 15 years ago (yikes!). To bring me out of a “funk” seems like a great reason to revisit this favorite :).
  • I also enjoy all kinds of jewelry–I love being able to choose pieces that reflect who I am and wear them every day. Recently, I ordered a beginner’s guide to making jewelry and I just received it in the mail. I think this week is a good time to give this potential new hobby a try and see if I like it. I’m looking forward to this because it could be the start of something that I might really love to do. I’ve been looking for new ways to be creative and I think this sounds like something great to try.
  • I’m keeping things simple around the house. I’m not trying anything too ambitious in the kitchen and I’m not embarking upon any monumental cleaning/organizing efforts. I’m sticking to simple, comforting dishes in the kitchen and keeping my place neat and clutter-free. I am one of those people that hates clutter and I feel like I’m going insane when I let my apartment get too full of stuff. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself right now and, though this may sound like a small thing, keeping even a small amount of pressure off myself is wise right now.
  • Finally, I’m joining a gym. It’s been years since I’ve belonged to one and at a gym near me they’re having a sign-up deal that is just too good to pass up. Yeah, I know, I’m joining with all the other New Year’s Resolution people and it’ll be crowded, but that’s okay. I’d like to see if I can stick it out longer than they can–and I bet I will!

How about you? Do you feel down around this (or any other) time of year? Do you do anything differently to keep yourself feeling content?