Since the end of the holiday season at UPS I’ve had a few moments to breathe. The biggest change has been returning to a morning schedule, waking up just before 7AM. This is opposed to going to bed at 4AM and getting up just after 11AM. Those extra morning hours just make me feel so much better and allow me to take care of business without feeling rushed or completely overwhelmed. (Of course, work will eventually pick up at the night job and I’ll return to a partial midnight schedule.)

One of the biggest pros of getting up earlier is the ability to go out during the day between my work for Epic Careering and UPS to meet people. Today, I was able to meet up with Karen for lunch and discuss upcoming and continuing projects for the year. Additionally, we discussed ways to keep everything organized so projects don’t fall through the cracks. I admit, I was dreading the drive on I-76 to King of Prussia, but the change of pace for the day was just what I needed.

When you work part-time from home and part-time in a factory setting, sometimes getting out of the house for a lunch meeting isn’t always possible. Or rather, I should say it becomes easy to fall into a habit of waking up, taking care of easy tasks on the PC, walking the dog, exercising, working, then getting ready to leave for work at the night job, coming home and going directly to bed—depending on how tired I am. (At the night job we used to go out for drinks occasionally on Friday, but this hasn’t happened in almost four years.) Sometimes it’s just fun to get out of the house and meet someone for lunch to break up the repetition of the day.

How do you break up the monotony and/or repetition of your work day or week?

I (L) Helsinki

I L Helsinki by Hans Poldoja of Flickr