I worked from home Monday and Tuesday of this week for personal reasons (nothing serious!) and it was quite the change of pace for me. Normally, I commute to work every day on the train and I work in the “typical” office setting in a cubicle. I have a certain routine during the week and I tend to like the structure. But I love that I can work from home, if needed, with my company–it’s so convenient if the need arises.

I know it was only two days, but I realized that I don’t think I’d enjoy working from home on a regular basis for several reasons:

  • I had to force myself to get dressed. It was so tempting to sit around in my jammies all day! But I knew I couldn’t do that. I made myself wake up and go about my morning routine as I would if I were commuting that day–it made a huge difference in my productivity for the day.
  • If I worked from home regularly, I think I’d need to set up some kind of office space in my place to separate my home and work life. I’ve heard people who work from home regularly talk about this before: it is absolutely necessary to separate the two so that you don’t feel as though you are always “at work.”
  • The internet connection is just a tad slower at home than at work; after a while, I was going crazy trying to download files over several minutes that would take 2 seconds at work. I guess I’m spoiled and I’m used to a speedy connection :).
  • Loneliness. I hesitate to use this word because it sounds so negative, but I think it’s important. Though I’m an introvert by nature and enjoy being alone, I don’t enjoy it all the time. Getting up and going out to work gives me a dose of social interaction! It would be harder to keep up with my coworkers’ lives if I worked solely from home.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my two days at home, but I am glad to be back in the office :). How about you, readers? Do you work from home and love it? Hate it? Would you prefer to work at home if you currently work in an office?