Today is one of those strange winter days. The weather is nice, a balmy 65 degrees in Philadelphia, IN February. Ironically, the weather forecasts are calling at least four inches of snow tomorrow. Another irony is that I’ve come down with a nasty cold (or a mild flu) and I can’t even enjoy the nice weather before the storm hits. Instead, I’ve been stuck in the house, too sick to leave for my night job, but just able to muster enough strength to work on the computer for my day job for very short bursts.

Catching an illness powerful enough to knock you on your back for a day or two, is definitely a reminder that the body sometimes needs serious rest. In my experience, whenever I called out my boss would often try to guilt-trip me into coming to work. Eventually I had to learn to say “no” because my performance is subpar at best when sick, and worse, I’m just spreading my illness to my co-workers. I just can’t wrap my head around a culture that values working when very sick—even if an employer offers paid sick time off. (Amazingly, only about 16% of employees in America used all of their sick days in 2016.) A day or two off from work to recover can work wonders, as opposed to working while very sick and prolonging that sickness. In short, there is no shame in resting and taking the day off when you’re sick.

Now that I’ve written my slight rant, I’m heading back to bed to rest. Have you ever gone into work when you were really sick? Why or why not?