Social media is an interesting part of modern life. I’ve been on social media for well over a decade, getting my start on LiveJournal in 2003. These days I can mostly be found on Twitter. Out of all the services I’ve used there is something special about Facebook. It’s the one social media service that I love to hate. In recent months, I’ve all but abandoned my account and turned off almost all notifications, but I haven’t gone as far as the full deletion route. I know through my work with Karen and through following social media tech news, how integral the service is to modern life. Networking, personal branding, and building communities are just a few of the benefits of a service with over 1.86 billion active monthly users.

That said, I’m not sure what to make of Facebook because of connections to friends and family. (On other social media outlets I’ll check a person’s account to see if I like what they share or have to say. On Facebook I automatically accept friend requests from friends and family.) In recent years, I’ve come to realize how little I enjoy Facebook thanks to interactions with said friends and family. The constant drama (especially political drama), lives that feel really inauthentic, self-aggrandizing, sharing TOO many details about personal lives, and being spammed in messenger with chain letters really killed the experience for me. A few friends suggested that I try not to see what everyone is up to since I loathe the experience. Instead they suggested that I clear out my news feed, unfollow (or unfriend) people who upset me, block people who constantly message me with junk, and just follow groups, people, and pages that I enjoy. In a sense, these actions would make my Facebook feed look more like my Twitter timeline, with the added benefits of groups, pages, and comments.

The more I think about taking those suggestions, the more excited I become about reclaiming my presence on Facebook. The hardest part of the process might be cutting people out of my digital life (if it comes to that), but I like that idea more than the alternative of completely deleting my account.

Have you ever given up on Facebook for any reason? Why or why not?


Facebook by Sarah Marshall of Flickr