A few weeks ago I posted about how I wanted to restart my presence on social media, namely Facebook. I started the process by installing Messenger Lite. I was never fond of Facebook Messenger because of how the app gathered so much data from users and generally felt intrusive. For a while, I was able to use the service without having to install the official app by using third party solutions. When Facebook made the service incompatible with third party apps I had to rely on the mobile browser version, which was less than ideal. I ultimately came up with a reasonable solution with Messenger Lite—an official stripped down version of the app intended for markets where users generally run older versions of Android.

Next, I began to tweak the mobile browser version of Facebook since I’m also not a fan of the official app. I realized that in my absence, Facebook reworked some of its features and algorithms. I discovered I had the ability to choose people and groups I wanted to see first in my news feed. I also unfollowed (not the same as unfriending) people whom I regularly find to be frustrating. Such frustrating posts are almost never directed at me, but I vehemently disagree with their content and I don’t want to spend my free time arguing over nothing. My logic is that if a friend shares content that constantly raises my blood pressure then such content is not worth reading.

If social media outlets start to become a source of frustration and stress and their usage isn’t directly related to your job, there’s no obligation feed on that source of stress. Either cut the source of stress out of your life or give up on the platform. I chose the former and I feel much better about using Facebook.


How is your social media life? Are there platforms you’ve completely given up on or have you tried to make them work?

Me 1 Laptop 0 by Steviep187 of Flickr

“Me 1 Laptop 0 by Steviep187 of Flickr” Also, what I felt like doing to my PC at times after using Facebook