Sometimes life just has this habit of getting in the way of everything you set out to accomplish. Problems can creep up on you, hit you, and knock you flat on your back. Case in point? The end of last week and this week should have been fun and productive. Instead, I’ve had to worry about things out of my control and deal with some things I’ve had the ability to control. Both situations (one currently in progress) are unpleasant, but they are matters that can’t be ignored, even if they take time away from work. Unpleasant situations also have a way of living in your head and depriving you of the focus and concentration needed to finish a task.

I discovered the best way to deal with a problem that consumes your attention, but isn’t immediately urgent, is to let it go for the moment. If it’s an issue that will unfold over weeks or possibly months, don’t neglect your day-to-day duties. In fact, refocusing on work can actually relieve some stress and restore a sense of control. Once I began to dig into a major assignment for Epic Careering (it should be unveiled early next week), I felt much better. I’m able to work on something I really enjoy, find solutions, and ultimately implement them. In short, my problems aren’t going away, but by staying diligent, I can keep my work life from also suffering. Additionally, worrying about every little thing has never made anyone’s life better.

It’s important not to lose focus of your goals and to make progress toward them.

Have you ever faced a problem at home that made it difficult to focus on your work? How did you solve the issue?