New projects can be both exciting and frustrating. Frustrating when things don’t work out like you envisioned, exciting when you run into challenges and overcome them. For a little over a week, I’ve been helping Karen implement a new WordPress theme for Epic Careering. Bringing her vision to fruition hasn’t been easy and to be honest, we’re still not done. Nevertheless, we’ve come along way and my work has aided Karen in deciding where to take her vision. Would it have been nice to have the theme up, running, and perfected by now? You bet! However, countless projects are conceived and the original plan changes somewhat, or a new solution looking very little like the original is implemented.

Personally, I’m just happy to have left my comfort zone and once again try something new. If everyone gave up after a semi-failure, nothing would ever be accomplished. I also learned a few things from the experience:

  • When designing a website or the look of a website, it can be difficult to bring someone else’s vision to life especially if you’re used to doing things your own way.
  • Pushing back against discouragement can give you a fresh perspective.
  • It’s a sweet feeling when everything starts to come together.
  • Thank God for a flexible platform like WordPress– sometimes a solution is just a plugin away.
  • There’s no shame in admitting you can’t do everything yourself and compromising.

All and all, it was a fairly good week and I learned a lot. At this point, I can’t wait until the look of the new website is finally unveiled.


Have you ever started a project that you didn’t quite finish, but still very much enjoyed?

Stream of Consciousness by Steve Jurvetson of Flickr

Stream of Consciousness by Steve Jurvetson of Flickr