Just as MaryKate continues her epic vacation abroad, I’m back from my staycation. As I mentioned in a previous post, I made good on my promise to take time off from both jobs. To be honest, the vacation was nothing special, as I didn’t even leave Philadelphia. The only time I left home was to go into Center City to wait in line for the RickMobile (as in Rick and Morty). However, I did accomplish what I set out to do. My first goal was to rest my mind and body. My second goal was to make a serious dent the game I’m currently playing, Persona 5. Considering I didn’t get out of bed on some mornings until after 11, and I put an additional 20 hours into my game (for a current total of 68 hours), I’m fairly satisfied. I even took a day to organize some parts of my house, like installing shelving in the back bedroom to clean up clutter.

Far too many people don’t consider taking vacations for a variety of reasons. Vacations don’t need to be expensive. The point is to take time off from work to allow your mind and body to recharge. Upon returning from my vacation I certainly feel recharged and more focused. The break is exactly what I needed and I’m glad I took the time off.


Do you regularly take vacations?

Persona 5

Big chunks of my vacation were spent playing Persona 5. Nice to Mee-ow-t you too, video games.