It has been about a calendar month since I started working full-time at UPS. I have to admit, it has been quite a shock going from part-time to full-time. I don’t regret feeling fulfilled and not having to worry about a lack of working hours, but keeping two jobs and working nearly 50 hours per week has been challenging. (I haven’t been this busy since the holiday season.) However, there are techniques I’m using to keep everything from becoming too overwhelming.

The first thing that’s helped immensely is time-blocking. Knowing I have a couple hours per day to get through my work for Epic Careering before going to UPS helps me stay focused. Putting aside time also lets me take a care of a few small tasks before work, such as cooking dinner, or running a small errand. While some of these things can be done during the weekend, making small amounts of time for them before work returns a sense of control to my life. I did this when I was just part-time, but now that my time is extremely limited, time-blocking is more important than ever.

The second thing is learning to say “no” more. When you have a block of time dedicated to one task and nothing else, it is important to learn to turn down other requests. This could mean that if extra work comes in and it’s not an emergency, it may have to wait until the following day. Or if a chore doesn’t get done in its allotted time, again it must wait. If someone requests your time and it’s also not an emergency, it will have to be scheduled or wait until the weekend. If you say “yes” to everyone and try to satisfy all of their needs, you’ll quickly become burned out.

The third and final thing that has helped is enjoying my time off. With the exception of essential chores or errands, none of the weekend is dedicated to work. I try to enjoy all of the down time I don’t have during the weekdays, such as getting extra sleep, playing video games, or just relaxing.

Do you work a really busy schedule? How do you keep from being overwhelmed?

Lawn Chair by Tom Simpson of Flickr

The ideal weekend/time off – Lawn Chair by Tom Simpson of Flickr