First, I made it through my 30 days of probation. This means any danger I may have had of not performing at my night job to expectations and being sent back to part-time is over. My conversion to full-time employee now truly begins.


A few months ago, I removed the productivity software that I installed on my PC. I realized that the problem wasn’t things reaching out to distract me, but it was my own inability to concentrate and fully focus on a task. When I find myself easily distracted it means I’m getting close to feeling burnout. When I take a break or a day off for myself, the need to be distracted goes away. Interestingly enough, while I was listening to our most recent Epic Career Tale (another friend of mine), our guest said he never uses productivity software– getting through work quicker means having more time to do what you enjoy. Hearing his words wasn’t anything new, but it was the reaffirmation I needed to hear at the right time.

As my time winds down with Epic Careering and my full-time work continues at night, the struggle not to become burned out is stronger than ever. However, I realized that if I focus on work and push through the siren-call of distraction, that having a little free time, and a sense of accomplishment is its own reward. Sure the distractions will always hover in the background, especially as stress piles on, but having systems and/or expectations in place are a great combatant.


What are some of the methods you use to combat distraction?

Monday by Helen Cook of Flickr

Monday by Helen Cook of Flickr