The plan to give my house a winter cleaning was mostly successful. I started cleaning on Friday afternoon before work and then returned to finish the job on Saturday. It was a tough task because some chores literally hadn’t been done since moving into this duplex two years ago. I began cleaning around 4PM and didn’t finish until 11PM that evening. I was so tired that I ended up taking the following morning off from church. The only regret I had was not being able to clean my storage room. Everything else went well. Amusingly, working with expanding foam makes for an interesting experience since it is very sticky. I still have areas of foam I need to trim, but I’ll do so at my leisure in the future. At the end of the day, it felt good to scratch some long overdue chores off my list.

The following weekend was spent in the opposite manner. I decided I needed a long rest, so I spent Saturday sleeping in and recovering. I also took some time to get started on some Halloween themed video games for the weekend. On Sunday, I managed to balance light chores (food shopping and cooking) with a day of video games. I started playing on and off around 4:30PM and didn’t call it a night until after 4AM (which is close to my weekday working hours). It’s rare that I have a long gaming session and it felt nice.

Sometimes you just need to take some off for yourself and do whatever it is you enjoy, without worry or stress– taking that time off feels even better after accomplishing a few major tasks.


How do you unwind after finishing a big personal project?

DualShock 3 by Joey of Flickr

DualShock 3 by Joey of Flickr