It has been a busy few weeks. In terms of personally productivity, I’ve hit both peaks and valleys. On the positive side, I had a lot of tasks to complete and I finally knocked a few important items off my list. That includes filing and paying the city taxes I previously wrote about, getting my car’s maintenance work done, and making important phone calls that I had been putting off for months. I even managed to tweak the settings on my Facebook account, making the site more enjoyable to read. I also reached out to a few friends I hadn’t spoken to in months and set a reasonable time to catch up on private messages with friends. Needless to say, I was on a roll.

As quickly as it came, my productivity left me. I couldn’t get around to being mindful of my activation energy unless it was a task that really needed to be completed. It is a sense of feeling listless and uninterested. In the past I just rolled with the listless days, but now I recognized them as the first signs of burnout. I need time away from work in order to give my mind a chance to refresh itself so I can regain my focus. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to officially take vacations from work again until next month. Until then, I’ve been trying a few things to help myself regain the focus I lost.

  • Celebrating small strides: If I scratch an item off my to-do list, allow myself to feel a sense of accomplishment instead of wishing I could have done more.
  • Taking a day off or two from everything: During the free time between my working hours there are days where I’m completely unproductive. This is okay.
  • Not sticking to a rigid schedule: It’s okay to move things around in the schedule and to shift time– in fact, this is a life requirement. Flexibility is the key.
  • Being mindful of activation energy when it hits: This energy helps prevent a key task from being lost to procrastination.

What are some of the ways that you regain your focus when it is lost?

Tired by Andreas Wulff of Flickr

Tired by Andreas Wulff of Flickr