Today I’m reflecting on a one year anniversary. On June 12, 2017 I became a full-time employee at my night job (although I had to pass a 30-day trial period). It’s amazing how quickly the year has flown by and how different my outlook has become. Prior to becoming full-time at work, I had never spent a long period of time working 40 hours or more per week. Those hours were often seasonal and tied to the holidays or summer. Periods right after the holidays and in the spring were often quite lean. To make up the gap in pay I often worked two jobs, sometimes with freelance work on the side. (That’s how I originally met Karen.) Until last year I began to doubt that I would ever work for a single company and bring home a sustainable wage.

Making the transition from part-time to full-time was actually more difficult than I imagined. First, I had to get used to not being able to leave early on some evenings. That meant balancing out my free time each day. Naturally, some days were more productive than others. Ultimately, the routine work schedule was a stabilizing force, as I knew when I had to be at the job and when I could expect to leave. The second hardest part was waiting for my vacation time to return. It is not easy to go from four weeks of vacation time to none for about a year. To fill in the gaps I took paid days off, which helped a lot.

More importantly than time off, was the fact that I had to play catch up on all the years I went without having a full-time wage. That meant saving extra money for retirement, filling up the savings accounts for emergencies, and paying off unnecessary debt. While I’m on the right track with savings, it will be a while before my unnecessary debts are paid off. Although doing so now is better than never getting started. Ultimately, I’m grateful for the opportunity to work full-time.


Have you ever been in a situation where you had given up hope on becoming a full-time employee?

Kalender 2018 mit Kugelstift und Laptop by Marco Verch of Flickr

Kalender 2018 mit Kugelstift und Laptop by Marco Verch of Flickr