Later this week and early next week, many of the society members in charge of the journal I work on will be at their annual meeting. For the past couple of weeks, the managing editor of the journal has been preparing for it and, I’m sure, has work coming out of her ears. Though I wish everyone from the society the best of luck for the upcoming meeting, I am taking full advantage of this time to do some housekeeping. You know, that work that can be put off because it’s not time-sensitive (organizing, decluttering, catching up)? That’s what I’m looking forward to doing.

I love to be organized but sometimes it can be hard to make time for it during a busy work week (and I feel as though all I’ve had since before Christmas are busy work weeks; probably because I’m still “learning”). Of course, I still have papers coming in, copyediting to review, and proofs to work on, but the rest of the time I have that would be taken up by correspondence can now be used in a different way. I plan on turning on some soothing music (probably classical), popping in my headphones, and working all day, uninterrupted. Those are probably famous last words, though, because I’m sure something will come up….

Lately, I’ve been thinking that I could use a few hours to go through documents, procedures, and tools for my journal and spruce everything up. It’s fate that the meeting happens to fall right around this time! Also, on top of that, there is a department-wide initiative that was just put into place for all of us to re-organize and re-write our “Journal Profiles”; this is the big, detailed document that describes everything about the journal from style to issues to procedures. What a perfect time to work on this mammoth document! I just hope I haven’t jinxed myself by writing this post :).

Do you ever have “down-time” or “slow-time” at work that allows you to get organized?