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Do you ever just feel…uninspired? At work, that is. Even though you have plenty to do, you still feel as though you are floating along on a bit of a gray cloud? Well, that’s me this week–and it’s only Tuesday! I’m not depressed or upset or anything, I just feel a bit…blank. Burned out is maybe the better phrase to use.

I think this feeling started last week when it was so beautiful outside and it took all of my strength to not just walk out of my office into the sunshine every day. Then, this past weekend, I was able to spend some time with family outside and that was relaxing. But I came into work yesterday and I feel as though I did the bare minimum; that trend also seems to be extending into today. I think I wish I was on vacation and the nice weather from last week really worked that into my brain. The weather yesterday and today wasn’t even nice! It rained yesterday and today is looking cloudy so far.

I’m working through it, though. I’ve set aside low-stress tasks to work on today that must get done but that I’ve been putting off recently in favor of more pressing jobs; so, I’m still completing work but it’s work doesn’t suck a lot of mental energy from me. So far, this strategy seems to be a good one: I’m concentrating on one thing at a time, getting it done, and checking it off the list. I am not the type of person to coast through work, so I appreciate that I have many smaller tasks that I can get done while I’m in this “funk.” It’s also supposed to be nicer this afternoon and I’m going to take a walk outside after work. I’ve been exercising a lot more recently and I can feel that it helps me physically, mentally, and emotionally, so hopefully I can drag myself out of this gray cloud!

Have you ever had this feeling of “blah” that takes over your mind for a day or two? What helps you kick it?

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Yesterday was a long day. We’ve all had them–those days that drag on and feel like two or three days squashed together. Not only was I feeling unmotivated, but also exhausted. How does someone get out of this rut? I just wanted to hop on the train home, put my pajamas on, and sit in front of the TV. I’m not even a big TV watcher, but for awhile I didn’t want to think! How did I overcome this insane urge, you ask?

Later in the morning, I got up and took a walk down to the bagel shop in my building for a cup of coffee. It wasn’t a very long walk, but it got me out of my seat and focused on something else other than my computer screen. I could feel my eyes starting to cross and I knew it was time to look away for a bit.

Later on, I took a brief walk around the block. I can’t stress this enough: If at all possible, look away from your computer monitor and stretch your legs a couple times over the course of your day! Staring at one area for eight hours a day will drive anyone to distraction (not to mention that you have to focus your eyes so they don’t go all blurry). During my lunch hour, I read. I’m reading a novel that I’m really enjoying, and it gave me a much-needed rest and a jolt to keep on working. Do what will calm you and keep you focused.

We all have those days when we feel like they’ll never end and we’ll never get anything accomplished, but they do pass. I tend to experience¬† on a Monday, when I’m sad the weekend is over and I have to get back into work-mode. You’ll get through it!

How do you stay motivated and focused throughout a tough day?


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