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I’m receiving a new assignment at work tomorrow and I’m both nervous and excited. My nervousness stems from the anticipation of having to change my day to day workflow to accommodate a new journal, but my excitement comes from the fact that I’m ready to handle this challenge. I now feel like I’m officially entrenched in this company and that I can handle most situations that come to me without having to ask for help (not that asking for help is a bad thing!).

A few months ago, a colleague of mine told me that when you work at this company, it takes about 2 years to feel like you know your job well. I believe that wholeheartedly! Experiencing 2 full years of work has really helped me see a little bit of everything: how things should go and, of course, what could go wrong! I’m feeling more confident in myself and my abilities with each passing day. My manager is wonderful and encouraging and I never feel as though he’s disappointed in me or thinks that I could  be doing a better job. His response, if I come to him with a question or a problem, is always “What can we do to fix this?” There is no judgment. That attitude, coupled with my awesome coworkers, makes for a wonderful workplace.

Last week, me and a few coworkers went out to lunch with our manager to celebrate my friend’s 15 year anniversary at the company. It was such a nice time and my friend said that her coworkers and the friends she’s made at this company over the years contributed in a large way to her desire to remain here. That’s so nice to know and she is not the first person I’ve heard that from here. I feel so positive about my future at this company and I’m so glad I was able to find this positive work environment. I can see myself working here for years to come!



I’m going to start with a full confession. I was struck with writer’s block when it came to this week’s article. I had no idea what I was going to write and the list of topics I had outlined seemed unappealing to me—so I deleted them. (I have yet to brainstorm anything new.) It was then I realized I’d fallen into a slight slump. I also realized that such feelings are okay. Not every day is going to be a winner. One can’t be happy and feel productive all of the time. Life simply doesn’t work like that and occasionally you have to pull yourself through the day. Ironically, these feelings gave me a topic to write about.

So what do you do when you realize you’ve reached a slump and you’re close to feeling burnout? Everyone is different, but there are some key techniques that can help address the problem:

  • Take a break or a vacation. Even if you’re at a job you absolutely love and it doesn’t feel like work, a break is still needed to refresh the mind and body.
  • Take care of yourself. When things become stressful, good habits such as plenty of sleep, a good diet, and exercise become more important than ever. These are needed fuel to keep your body strong and healthy in addition to easing stress.
  • Learn to say “no” when possible. You cannot be everything to everyone. Sometimes it is important to say no and not to take on more responsibilities until you’ve recovered from a slump.

Personally, I can say that while work is going decently, I realize I do need a proper vacation. I just finished navigating one of the busiest times of the year. While work in the new year has been a lot slower, I haven’t had a proper vacation. Normally, I take vacations three to four times a year. However, since becoming full-time my vacations have been reset and I won’t be able to properly take one again until June. The last time I actually took a vacation was in August. For the time being, I’ve set up a series of upcoming back-to-back personal days that should function as a vacation as well as a few strategically placed days off.

Life at home has been quite stressful at times. The latest was dealing with clogged pipes and having to get them unclogged, which included purchasing a new toilet. Additionally, my car needs a new bumper cover and a motor for the windshield wipers. All of the above are not fun or cheap. While there’s nothing I can do about these problems except to deal with them as they occur, learn, and move forward. Dealing with that stress also means practicing the techniques I outlined.


What techniques do you use to mitigate burnout when you feel it approaching?

Fire by Robbie Shade of Flickr

Fire by Robbie Shade of Flickr

Happy new year, readers! I had quite a nice 2017 and I’m hoping to have an even better 2018. Things are already looking up! I began the new year with a few thoughts that I’d like to share with you all:

  1. For starters, I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions; personally, I feel that making a resolution and then inevitably failing at it just makes me feel bad and creates more stress when there is no need for that. Why create more stress when outside forces give me stress as it is? I put so much pressure on myself to achieve the goal I set for the new year that I end up getting completely off track. Enough of that!
  2. Instead of a formal “resolution,” I thought I’d improve some things that I’m already doing, like going to the gym. I go several times a week and I thought, why not up my game a little? I typically spend about 45 minutes at the gym, so maybe I’ll spend a full hour there instead. Or I’ll switch up my workout routine more often (I walk a lot and occasionally will use the bike, so why not use the elliptical or weights instead?).  This goes for eating as well: no pressure, but if I’m already making a certain meal, how can I make it healthier? What are some substitutions I can make?
  3. I’m going to think about what is good for me. If I need some quiet time away from people, I want to take that time without feeling guilty. If I’m really craving a piece of chocolate and I have some in my cabinet, I can have one! I’m striving to wake up each morning and ask myself, “What do you want today?” I think that’s a pretty positive thought to begin 2018.

With these ideas in mind, I’m thinking 2018 will be one great year. I’m optimistic and I have high hopes for this one! How about your new year’s resolutions or lack thereof? Is there anything you promised yourself you would or would not do this year? Tell me!


I feel like I just said this about Thanksgiving, but I cannot believe Christmas is this Monday! I don’t feel stressed out or behind on anything–my shopping is almost finished (everything else I need to get are just little things) and, luckily, I’m not the main cook for any holiday dinners my family may have. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year–I love the music, lights, cold weather, and being with friends and family. I also love traditions and I want to share one that my family started doing recently and it’s worked out so well for everyone.

I have two sisters and the middle one is married with 3 kids (I’m the oldest). Instead of my sister and brother-in-law trying to decide which of their families to go to for Christmas, they mainly stick with his family or on their own on the actual day and then have what we call “Festivus” with our family. We pick a Saturday or Sunday sometime in December and my sister, her husband, and the three boys come over and we have a big dinner and exchange presents. It’s one of my favorite new traditions because it is so low stress! My grandmother comes as well to see all of us as well as her great-grandchildren, so it’s a smaller get-together with just family.

My point is that this is the time of year to be de-stressing and trying to make your life easier! I know that’s easy for me to say because I’m not a mother and I don’t have a family, but I wanted to offer an example of how my family began a new tradition that worked for us and made everyone’s holiday a little more enjoyable. So kick off your shoes and pick up the eggnog this weekend and enjoy yourselves!

What’s an unusual or new holiday tradition that you and your family (or you and your friends) have started that you look forward to every year?


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