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Well, ladies and gents, I’m here! I finally made it to Ireland. We just flew in this morning and I was able to get a nap in this afternoon, thankfully. I wasn’t able to sleep on the plane at all! The past few days have been a whirlwind for me at work-I’ve been preparing for this trip for some time, but there is only so much I could do at work to plan what would come up in my absence. Luckily, my company has some wonderful procedures for vacation coverage.

I know exactly who will work on which tasks for my journals while I’m out, which was great for planning. It made my editorial offices feel better to know there is a specific contact person for them while I’m gone, just in case of emergency. It’s helpful for me as well, because I don’t have to come back to a mound of work that hasn’t been touched since I left. I’m so glad I was able to plan for this trip early enough that my editorial offices, colleagues, and I felt comfortable with my vacation.

Now, I’m off to enjoy myself (and to drive on the other side of the road! Wish me luck!). I’ll write again in June!

There are a lot of changes coming to my office in the coming months. I will talk more specifically about them as the plans become more concrete, but I wanted to write this sort of introductory post to work through some things in my mind.

I don’t like change.

There, I said it. I’m sure many of you reading this right now can relate to me and how I feel; really, in the grand scheme of things, who continually welcomes and enjoys change? Some people do, I’m sure, and I think those people are superstars. How amazing it must be to be so open to adjusting the way you do something or operate in the world!

I’m not like that. I’m reluctant to accept most changes and then I get a little cranky when they happen (because that’s mature and I’m a grown-up lady…). When these big changes were first announced for my office location, I initially when through some of the five stages of grief: denial (oh, for sure), anger (yes, oh yes), bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I think I’m still hovering somewhere in anger and maybe a little in depression? I don’t want you to think that I’m unable to function throughout the course of my day because I’m thinking ahead and planning the ultimate destruction of my way of life (that’s entirely too dramatic and I’d like to think I haven’t gotten to that level yet!), but I am having some trouble accepting that these things are going to happen.

I like routine and knowing what to expect. Sure, I enjoy a good surprise every now and then, but for the every day tasks in my job, I like a bit of order. Now, I know that order will be interrupted and it’s scaring me a little. I’m nervous admitting to this because, to me, it seems like weakness, but I think it’s important for me to write about it. I know others have/had/will have the same thoughts I do about change and I want to be honest about how I’m feeling.

I think the biggest aspect of all this upcoming change that I keep reminding myself about is this: I will be able to settle down into a new routine. My life will not turn into chaos and anarchy–I can survive and thrive, even after this change takes place! Even if I have to remind myself of this every day, multiple times a day, that will be okay. Because it’s important for me to stay positive throughout this time of change.

How about you, readers–have you gone through a big change in your work or personal life that required some “coaching” to get through it?

change wordle

This post piggybacks off my previous post a bit–I’m going to talk about writing and how my creativity has improved since I really started to focus on using my time wisely on my commute. I keep a small notebook in my work bag at all times and I’ve been using it almost every day–to make lists, write down notes and ideas, but mostly to write what I want. I used to write all the time–mostly poetry, but sometimes memoir/essay-esque pieces as well. Once I started my first 9-5 job in an office, I stopped writing for awhile and I felt the loss; recently, though, after waking myself up and asking myself why I’m not writing, I realized that there is no good reason.

When I started writing again, I felt very rusty and I was afraid of putting anything on the page. I was afraid of feeling stupid or less than (which, I told myself, is ridiculous because who’s going to read any of what I write unless I show it to someone?), so I had to force myself to keep going and not quit. I’m so glad I did–once I shook off the cobwebs, so to speak, I felt an amazing power within myself. I can write what I want, when I want, and how I want! How liberating!

I now look forward to getting on the train, putting my headphones on and playing music that relaxes or inspires me, and writing whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I become so engaged with what I’m doing that I almost forget that I have to get off at my stop think this is so important: whatever it is you love, don’t make excuses–just do it. And keep on doing it! Maybe you don’t make money doing it, or maybe you do but it is not your primary source of income; maybe you’ll never make money doing it–who cares? How does it make you feel? I love to write and I love the way it makes me feel and that’s okay with me for now.

What do you love and how do you make time for it?



This past week has been crazy! I’ve been busy at work and in my personal life and I have never felt so grateful for my family. Without them, I’m sure I’d go slowly insane.

My family does “first Christmas” with my sister, her boyfriend, and my nephews each year before Christmas itself because it’s a lot for them to visit everyone they want to visit on Christmas day with three kids and a car full of presents. This year it was a blast! We have a different food theme each year and this year we had Polish food (my father’s mother was Polish)–stuffed cabbage, pierogies, kielbasa and sauerkraut, and more. It was as deliciously outrageous as it sounds.

I was able to come home, cook, and eat with my family and allow my nerves to rest. I guess I wasn’t checking in with myself enough to realize that the stress has been building these past couple of weeks. Nothing is better for letting off some steam than playing Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots with your nephew :).

Despite all of the bad things that are happening in the world every day and the rush of the work week, I know that I can always come home. There, they don’t judge me or expect me to be someone that I’m not. They just want me as I am. That, my friends, is the best Christmas gift I could receive this year!

How have you all been coping with holiday stress?

My parents’ monster, 14 foot tall Christmas tree!

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