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I have been at my job for about ten months now. When I first started there was much to learn and process. It seemed unthinkable to listen to music while working because of my need to concentrate. By fall, I understood the basics of how to do the job and some of the work became rote. Additionally, the days where several co-workers were absent made everything feel like a grind. That started my quest to listen to music that wasn’t too distracting, but could lift my mood.

Fortunately, I had a lot of music to choose from since my original job required a lot of repetitive labor and listening to something made the time pass quickly. Over the years I collected a variety of soundtracks from video games, movies, and animation. The collection consists of high and low beat per minute songs, and I felt the latter would be perfect. I created a playlist containing relaxing music and the effort was rewarding. Challenging days melted away with mellow tunes and I found it easier to stay focused on my tasks.

My music collection also needed new additions, so I began borrowing CDs from friends or purchasing songs. Unlike a lot of people my age (or younger), I never made the transition to streaming services like Spotify, or Pandora. I still go through the task of collecting CDs, ripping the music to my hard drive, doing a manual search for cover art, and then transferring my favorite songs to my phone. This means that I might not discover new music as one would on a streaming service. However, it also means I’m not dependent on a mobile internet connection or music that may disappear due to licensing rights. I don’t need music every day to get through my job, but it’s nice to have options because everything is a little nicer with music.


Do you listen to music at work, and if so, what are your listening choices?

CDs to rip 04052018

A stack of CDs on my desktop waiting to be ripped.

As a bonus, one my favorite relaxing tracks from Persona 5:


The bulk of the work I do for my job is on the computer–I work on article proofs, edit Word documents, and correspond with authors, editors, typesetters, and others via email. Sure, I have face-to-face meetings (mostly departmental) and some conference calls, but most of the time I’m wired in to my work laptop and our database. I try to remember to look up every so often and focus on something far away so I can exercise my eyes and get up to talk a short walk (even if it’s around the office) every hour or two, but there is one thing that I do that gets me through my day: listen to music.

I have tried it all: Pandora, Spotify, podcasts, the radio, everything. And I’ve enjoyed it all, so I try to switch it up every day based on the work I’m doing: oh, today I’m doing a lot of copying and pasting, so I can listen to a podcast or any kind of music I want. And another day, maybe I’m working on a slew of author proofs that requires concentration–this calls for classical music. I always have my headphones in and something playing to keep me focused. I know some coworkers who never listen to music at work because they find it distracting, and I know others who listen to books all day. I wish I could listen to an audiobook all day, but I’ve tried that before and I find that I get distracted very easily.

I listen to music to maintain my concentration at work but it also keeps my morale up. Now, you all know I’ve written about how much I love the company I work for so you know that I don’t struggle with low morale at work, but being able to listen to whatever I want keeps me happy throughout the day. If I feel myself getting bored or distracted, I take a minute to find something new to listen to. Music is something I enjoy very much and to be able to listen to it at work is a wonderful thing.

What keeps you going throughout your day?


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