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Guys. Ireland was amazing. Seriously, everyone is so nice, funny, and helpful, the scenery is breathtaking, and the food is to die for. What’s not to like? I experienced wonderful things every day while I was there so it was bittersweet to come home. I’m glad I did, though–it would be tough for anyone to live out of a suitcase for that long!

We drove all around the country (literally), starting and ending in Dublin. We went south the coast (beneath Cork), then to various points on the west coast, then up to Donegal, and we ended with a night in Derry/Londonderry (which was incredible; I highly recommend spending some time in that city) before driving back down to Dublin.

Rock of CashelRock of Cashel

I learned a lot about myself, like that I can drive on the wrong side of the road with almost no problems at all! It was very empowering since I was in charge of all of the driving :).

DingleThe adorable street we stayed on in Dingle

I went with my grandmother because she’s been to Ireland several times with my grandfather (who passed away in 2005) and his family is still there. We were able to meet with some on the east coast and some on the west coast! My grandfather’s father was one of 12, so there are plenty of cousins to meet.

Blarney CastleThe view from Blarney Castle

I also was able to come back to work with very little trouble. I can’t rave enough about preparing extensively before a vacation and making sure that everything is in order, especially if someone is covering for you. I made sure to get my coverage partners treats while I was away to show them how much I appreciate their work!

Peace BridgeThe Peace Bridge in Derry

Overall, I’m so happy I went and I can’t wait to get back. This trip gave me many ideas for future trips to Ireland!

How about you, readers; have you ever traveled to Ireland?


Hello, dear readers. I am back from a long holiday weekend! My company gave us July 5th off as well–it was pretty great :).

Yesterday, I was relaxing and reviewing my (short) week ahead when I thought that I’d get a head start on one of my freelance projects. I was watching reruns of The Office on Netflix while flicking through the novel I’m currently reading, telling myself that in “5 minutes” or “10 minutes” I’d get up, get my laptop, and get to work. Well, those 5 or 10 minutes turned into an hour and I eventually had an honest chat with myself: “Are you really going to work today? Are you going to get anything meaningful done? Does anything absolutely need to be finished today?” After answering those questions honestly (no, no, and no), I decided to not think about work until today.

Boy, did that open up the rest of my day! I felt like a rock had been lifted from my back and I was able to feel better about relaxing. Later in the day, I organized my bedroom, cooked myself a nice dinner, and took a long walk. I didn’t feel guilty about being “lazy” all day and I woke up this morning truly feeling ready to start my day.

I gave myself permission to relax on my vacation–how nice of me! But seriously, how many of us agonize over work-related thoughts, especially the day before going back to work? And it feels terrible! I promised myself I wouldn’t make myself feel guilty or stressed before going back to work because that would just spoil my “Monday”.

I’m halfway through my day today and I haven’t once regretted my lazy day yesterday. I treated myself–don’t be afraid to treat yourself, too :). And happy 4th of July, all!



I decided that I would take two days off from work early next week for some “me” time. It was amazing how long it took me to allow myself to do that, even though I’m pretty sure I need a mental health day. Things are going well at work and in my personal lifenothing is wrongbut I woke up on Friday morning last week and thought “Yep. I need this.” I had to give myself permission to take those two vacation days because I felt guilty. I’m a rational person and I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but we all have our irrational moments sometimes, right?

When I was thinking about what to write for this post and reading other blogs for inspiration, I came across quite a few that state that mental health days are becoming more “popular.” I think this is because employers and employees alike are realizing they are needed every once in awhile to maintain and improve productivity. Everyone, no matter who you are, feels burnt out from time to time and taking even one day to decompress can improve your outlook immensely. Stress is a very dangerous thing if it gets out of control because it can affect you mentally, emotionally, and physicallyalmost like the flu. If all a person needs to dispel some of that stress is to take a few days off, then why not?

I firmly believe in mental health days. We all need them once in awhile and without them we might go a little nutty (which is what I want to avoid!). I’m not sure if you readers are anything like me and feel that you need permission to take a vacationwell, I’m giving it to you! Take the time you need to rest, do something you enjoy, and be human again. Do nothing all day, take a cooking class, or clean out that closet you’ve been meaning to organize for years. Whatever your style, take the time you need. If you’re overworked and overstressed, your work and eventually your personal life will suffer.

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