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I have been at my job for about ten months now. When I first started there was much to learn and process. It seemed unthinkable to listen to music while working because of my need to concentrate. By fall, I understood the basics of how to do the job and some of the work became rote. Additionally, the days where several co-workers were absent made everything feel like a grind. That started my quest to listen to music that wasn’t too distracting, but could lift my mood.

Fortunately, I had a lot of music to choose from since my original job required a lot of repetitive labor and listening to something made the time pass quickly. Over the years I collected a variety of soundtracks from video games, movies, and animation. The collection consists of high and low beat per minute songs, and I felt the latter would be perfect. I created a playlist containing relaxing music and the effort was rewarding. Challenging days melted away with mellow tunes and I found it easier to stay focused on my tasks.

My music collection also needed new additions, so I began borrowing CDs from friends or purchasing songs. Unlike a lot of people my age (or younger), I never made the transition to streaming services like Spotify, or Pandora. I still go through the task of collecting CDs, ripping the music to my hard drive, doing a manual search for cover art, and then transferring my favorite songs to my phone. This means that I might not discover new music as one would on a streaming service. However, it also means I’m not dependent on a mobile internet connection or music that may disappear due to licensing rights. I don’t need music every day to get through my job, but it’s nice to have options because everything is a little nicer with music.


Do you listen to music at work, and if so, what are your listening choices?

CDs to rip 04052018

A stack of CDs on my desktop waiting to be ripped.

As a bonus, one my favorite relaxing tracks from Persona 5:


Well, this week has been insane. I’m finally getting another assignment at work and I have been in and out of meetings. Also, my freelance job is picking up a bit and I have been so distracted that I actually forgot to post here earlier in the week! I apologize to all the readers of this lovely blog for my neglect!

One of the aspects of starting something new at my job is introducing myself to and working with a different editorial office. I have to learn and adapt to the way they do things, and that can be difficult after working on the same publication for almost a year. It requires getting to know the new journal and the different people within my company who make things work. It requires patience from everyone. It requires resilience, as well.

It’s almost too easy to get down on myself when I’m feeling discouraged, overworked, and tired. It’s a challenge to pick myself up, dust myself off, and continue going when I feel like just giving up. Sometimes, all I want to do is come home after work and go to bed right away. Sometimes I don’t want to face my other responsibilities and obligations. Then, I talk to my co-workers, friends, and family and realize that I’m not alone. Everybody has these feelings. Everybody feels inadequate and run-down from time to time. The only thing that matters is that I don’t give in to those feelings and give up. I want to keep going and succeed.

Luckily, I’m going to the shore for the weekend with my family to unwind. I think it’s a much needed vacation, am I right?


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