Our warmest Thanksgiving wishes from Unveil Your Brilliance. We hope you are having a wonderful day. Life can be hectic during the holidays, so be sure to take care of yourself, take time for your family, and most of all, enjoy! I’m personally thankful for family, friends, and trying out new things this year.

What are you thankful for?

For everyone outside of the United States, have a great start to the holiday season and a great weekend!

Thanksgiving Cornucopia by Lawrence OP of Flickr

Thanksgiving Cornucopia by Lawrence OP of Flickr



Today is a follow up to my last post. Recently, I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone for Damage Control by doing video. For many years I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a Let’s Play of a video game. I always thought I couldn’t because I was lacking in terms of technology without owning a video capture card, an expensive microphone, or video editing software. Ironically, I had some of the software I needed all along. During my time with Karen she had me look into free broadcasting software. It was called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). She didn’t end up using it for the project, but I held on to the software I had downloaded. When I left Epic Careering last summer, I made a series of training videos for my successor using the desktop capture feature and a USB headset I owned. I realized then that the plans to record a Let’s Play were at my fingertips.

The plan came to fruition when I wanted to carry out a Halloween series of videos for the blog. Using Steam, OBS, and my microphone, I was able to record myself playing a Halloween themed game called Costume Quest 2 while providing commentary. The videos aren’t the best quality and I could definitely use a better microphone, but I consider them to be a success. The process has given me even more respect to the talented people who record videos on a daily basis, or even make Let’s Plays their full-time job. It can be difficult to want to talk while trying to concentrate on a game, though it becomes easier as you go along. That said, I can’t see myself doing lots of Let’s Plays as writing is my bread and butter. Still, I wanted to give a project a shot and I’m glad I did.


When was the last time you moved out of your comfort zone?

Microphone by Pasco County Schools of Flickr

Microphone by Pasco County Schools of Flickr

I’ve been having a great last few weeks–work has been going well and I’ve been having lots of fun with friends and family. I’m also paying more attention to my body when it says “Slow down and take a rest.” This has greatly improved my overall emotional health and I’ve been in a pretty fantastic mood! I wanted to write about how thankful I am that I began meditating however long ago it was (it seems like years and years!); this has made me feel more in tune with my body and its needs, which then feeds into my mental and emotional health.

When I pay attention to what I need physically, such as more sleep, more nourishing food, or more exercise, and take the time to give myself those things, my overall mental health improves. I know it’s not rocket science to figure out why this is, but it’s so easy for many of us to forget to take care of ourselves when we have so many other things and people in our lives that also need care and attention.

Last night, I went with my sister and brother-in-law to take my nephews trick-or-treating and I had a wonderful time. I got to spend time with my family and then I left at a reasonable time to come home and go to bed. I knew I needed a full night’s sleep and because I listened to what my body was telling me, I’m ready to do all the work that I need to accomplish today.

The next obstacle to tackle will be to eat healthier, more nourishing foods. I haven’t been eating as well as I should be recently and I know my life would be improved greatly if I could get a handle back on eating well again. Once I accomplish that, I’ll be ready to take on the world ;-).

How about all of our readers out there–have you noticed that your quality of life improves if you change just one thing in your daily routine? If so, what is that one thing?


About two weeks ago Google revealed that Google+ had suffered a security flaw that exposed users’ data. Although the flaw was fixed in March, the company has decided to shut down the social network in August 2019. Google finally admitted 90% of users with Google+ accounts don’t use them, so the news wasn’t taken very hard. I was one of the 10% of users that were still active. Upon hearing the news, I was somewhere between indifferent and feeling a slight loss over a social network that was different from Twitter or Facebook. The communities I was a part of were absolutely heartbroken, even as they scrambled to find alternatives beyond the bigger social networks. I looked at my own pages on Google+ and decided to let the few followers I had on Damage Control know where we would still be active. In the process, I discovered that I once again had access to our original YouTube channel. This turned out to be a huge deal.

About five years ago, none of us on staff were able to access Damage Control’s YouTube channel. I could never figure out the issue and instead we created a new channel. The loss was painful, as we could see the old channel, people were able to comment on videos, and we had over 97K views, despite only having 60 subscribers. The new channel never approached those numbers despite uploading the old content, experimenting with live streaming, and providing more content.

Thanks to revisiting our Google+ page, I was able to access the old channel and give moderation rights to the other writers. Reviving the channel will be an interesting process. To be honest, I’m not sure when our old channel became accessible again, but I would have not likely discovered that access if wasn’t for Google+  winding down. I will miss the social network when it goes away next year, but I am happy to have gained something of value.


Do you still use Google+? If so, how are you taking the news of its imminent demise?


A screenshot of my Google+ home page. This looks vastly different and cluttered if you don’t have a profile and preferences set up.

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