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Marykate wrote an awesome blog last week, giving some tips for your first day of work. I loved all of the things she said and I followed them all too! The paying attention thing is so important in training–I found out that it was really difficult in my first week because there was so much information thrown at me at once for very long periods of time. I did need to ask for a break once when I noticed my stomach was growling and I was running on empty!

Something else I should tell you is that don’t be freaked out if you absolutely can’t do anything after work the first few days. I couldn’t do anything afterwards! I would come home and eat dinner and watch TV or sit on the couch for the rest of the night.  I was exhausted mentally and physically.  I got a little scared thinking that this would be everyday after work, but as the first week progressed and the second week rolled around, I was way more energized after work and able to food shop, do laundry, cook more elaborate dinners, and make phone calls.

My first two weeks have been great and I’m so happy to be in a new city with a great job. I really can’t ask for anything more. :).


I want to expand upon what Heidi wrote about last week–the first day of work and how to get ready for it. All three things that Heidi did to prepare for her first day are excellent and very helpful. I did those three things myself! For almost my entire first year at work, I drove to the train station from my parents’ house and took the train into the city. I made sure I drove that route at least twice before the big day, and I also left very early on my first day to be 100% sure I wouldn’t miss my train. I also looked up the company before my interview and after, just like Heidi, because it made me feel more confident to have some knowledge of its business practices.

Also, I can’t stress enough how important it is to lay out clothes the night before. I still try and do it every night before work because it gives me that much more extra time in the morning. And, if you’re anything like me, sleep is the most important part of your day :).

Heidi’s tips were very helpful, and I’d like to give three more:

1. Eat something. This is incredibly important because you never know what is going to come up on your first day. On my first day, I had training until 1pm and if I hadn’t had breakfast that morning, I would have melted onto the floor way before then. Make sure you choose something healthy AND filling, and don’t overdo it on the coffee. You don’t want the shakes when you’re meeting people around the office.

2. Try to remember people’s names. I remember this being incredibly hard for me because my supervisor took me around my entire department and introduced me to everyone (she’d bring me into a group of cubicles and introduce me to 4-5 people at a time). Obviously, I couldn’t remember everyone’s name then and I don’t think anyone would expect you to do the same, but remember some people: your supervisor, manager, people you will be working with most of the time. This shows that you’re paying attention and are willing and excited to learn.

3. Pay attention. This really goes without saying, but hear me out: I know that I can get nervous and wrapped up in my own head and forget almost everything a person is telling me. Try not to do that! If you’re supervisor/trainer/manger is explaining how to complete a task, pay attention. Don’t ask them to repeat everything they just told you a moment before. They’ll appreciate your attention.

Reading about Heidi’s first day on the job last week made me think back on my own first day and how exciting and terrifying it was, simultaneously. It’s an important day! But, just like Heidi wrote in her last post, the company would not have hired you if they didn’t think you could do it :).

Good luck to everyone who is starting their first day of work or school!


I start a new job today and I’m feeling good. I am definitely nervous, but a friend texted me today saying not to be nervous because they wouldn’t have hired you if they didn’t think you could do it. To ease the rest of my nerves I have been preparing myself. I thought I’d share some of my preparations now:

1. Dry run to work. I just moved in to my new apartment yesterday and I was a little nervous about getting to and from work in a new city. I google mapped a walking path to work and back and then screenshoted it on my phone so I have it. I did the walk today and timed it so I am familiar with the sights and the timing so I know when to leave in the mornings.

2. Read up on the company. I know I’ve already been hired but it really helps to ease my nerves to even just read over the website again. It gives me peace of mind that I know what’s going on.

3. Set out clothes. I feel like this is an age old piece of advice for first day of work or school and I don’t know why but it REALLY helps to know exactly what you are going to wear and have it set out. Maybe it’s just one more thing you don’t have to worry about or maybe it’s an aid in visualization for the next day, but whatever it is, it works.

Anyway, I hope this helps in preparing for any new thing in your life. It really helps to have specific tasks in mind that you know will help ease your nerves.

Things have been crazy busy at work recently and sometimes gathering the strength to begin a new week can seem impossible. I’ve discovered that if I just dive in to work Monday morning (by reading and answering emails immediately, immediately completing important tasks first, and making a list for the rest of the day), my day suddenly becomes much more productive. This carries over into my personal life, too: if I’m having a successful day at work, I’ll come home and make a healthy dinner or dive into other projects with more enthusiasm.

I didn’t realize it, but I start preparing for Monday morning on Friday afternoon. About a half hour before I leave for the weekend, I take all the clutter off of my desk (which usually means copies of journal issues that I’ve consulted throughout the week), put everything where it belongs, and wash my coffee and water cups. Then, when I come in Monday morning, I almost forget that I’ve done that and am surprised by my neat, organized desk. I’m much more apt to begin work immediately if I don’t have to wade through old papers and journals before I get my first cup of coffee.

If I open my email right away and begin going through it, I’ll get a few small things done. I even feel more positive after completing tasks first thing in the morning. My brain very much likes lists and checking tasks off of them and even checking off two or three smaller tasks gets me ready for bigger tasks. I have the ability to keep myself down and out, but if I decide that I won’t be that way, then I won’t.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter weekend. Or, if you don’t celebrate Easter, then I hope you had a nice, spring-like weekend :).


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